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  • ​Based in astrology and sacred geometry
  • Created by Master Astrologer Christopher Witecki

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Learn the answers to your deepest life questions and challenges:

Make better decisions
stro​​​​nger relationships
Overcome insecurities
Love yourself without judgment

The Most Advanced Life Coaching System in the World

From the #1 Master Astrologer

Sirius Joy features an online website application that gives subscribers access to their ENTIRE day of horoscopes and Sensei Coaching 24/7. Get a daily pep talk, hourly coaching, and personalized video content.

About Chris Witecki

#1 Astrologer on YouTube

Sensei Christopher Witecki is a Master Astrologer and has been practicing astrology readings for over twenty-years, performing over 10k privately recorded readings. His psychic ability matched with his astrological knowledge gives a precise read on the soul.

Christopher began his practice 25 years ago, at the age of 19. Since then he has served as an online astrologer on YouTube and Facebook, producing and uploading over 17,000 public videos. Today he has expanded the astrological field with the introduction of “Step Astrology", a unique blend of numerology and astrology using the degrees of the planets.

Christopher now offers daily, personal guidance utilizing modern technology in the Sirius*JoY Personal Sensei system.


Carrie B.

I love the attention to detail that Christopher offers in the pep talks...Often I listen to them after the day has begun and find that his energy readings perfectly match the day I am experiencing. I love sharing these insights with my clients!
Angelica H.

Once I heard about the algorithm behind what Christopher had created and how it is based on my ACTUAL birth info, I became interested. I started noticing the things that were happening in my life that my messages warned me about and I could have prevented or at least helped the situation and/or myself. The service is very Accurate.
​Sky S.

The depth and insight of the monthly Megascope is worth the monthly subscription fee all on its own! If you haven't tried Sirius Joy yet, you are Siriusly missing out.

Get your first month of personal, daily coaching for just $3.99